ModeAudio – Autumn Selections 2021

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Our Autumn 2021 selection of over 400MB of free sounds, handpicked from our recent sound pack releases as always, spans mesmeric synth drones, innovative prepared piano samples, thundering Synthwave loops, delicate found percussion and beyond, and is yours to grab for free and use royalty-free in your tracks.

Lovingly performed, recorded and prepared for you by ModeAudio, download, enjoy and make music!

  • Alteration – Prepared Piano Samples
  • Colour Field – Piano Texture Samples
  • Deluge – Ambient Texture Samples
  • Flare – Found Percussion Samples
  • Luminous – String Texture Samples
  • Moon Dance – Serum Ambient Presets
  • Synthetica – Synthwave Soundtrack Loops
Download ModeAudio – Autumn Selections 2021 Now
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